Why A Veranda With A Lean-To Is The Right Choice To Enhance Your Home

Why A Veranda With A Lean-To Is The Right Choice To Enhance Your Home

Verandas with electrical awnings add style to your house and provide an area for outdoor entertaining. There are five reasons why a lean-to veranda might be the best choice for your property, from traditional to modern designs.

A Veranda Is An Effective Way Of Extending Your Usable Space.

A veranda is an easy way to upgrade the look and functionality of your house without spending too much. They offer many advantages, but they are much less expensive than a complete extension.

A Veranda Provides Outdoor Areas With Weatherproof

A glass veranda can be installed with sides to allow you to take in the sun and enjoy your backyard and protection from rain or wind. You can use it if you don’t have any indoor dining options or have a patio that is otherwise exposed to the elements.

Verandas Are Versatile And Simple To Install

Glass verandas are much more convenient than cumbersome conservatories. If space is tight, a bespoke design can be a good option. It allows for flexibility to fit your requirements.

Verandas Boost Appeal

It is a great way to increase curb appeal for your home and impress visitors by fitting a unique design above the front door. A modern door canopy can transform an otherwise plain property frontage. You can also choose one of our traditional verandas to blend in with your existing architecture if you own a period home.

A Veranda Can Add Value And Character To Your Property

It is worth investing in your property with the current property market being so strong. Giving your property character will make it stand apart and create a unique listing that will attract buyers.

What Makes Our Glass Roof Veranda Special?

Glass roof verandas add value to your home and provide additional usable space. No structural modifications are required. Our verandas bolt onto for lasting beauty. You can choose from many styles and colours, so you will find the one that will transform your outdoor living space. These elements make our glass room verandas stand out among the crowd.

Can Be Customised

The Open Space Concepts glass roofing verandas offer flexibility and customization. The design in the Open Space Concepts’ glass patio roof veranda system makes it easy to add to it as you wish.

You can create anything you like, whether you need an open-sided veranda for your front or back yard or a full-blown glass roof veranda equipped with blinds.

A majority of our verandas systems come with a wide range of accessories. These accessories allow you to make your glass roof veranda into something unique.

Custom Colour Options

The Open Space Concepts has the perfect solution for you for glass roof verandas. We have many choices of colours so that we can provide the best options for every design concept.

Select from over 100 different colour combinations. With our online colour configurator, it’s simple.