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Do you write on a freelance basis or do you focus on search engine optimization? Are you considering contributing to thegreenhousecc.org and having your work published there? Check out our suggestions for improving your writing below!

Writing Guidelines

Because we receive a significant number of emails regarding outreach, we have decided to draught these guidelines to streamline the entire process for both you and us. We are hoping that they will be of some use.

Only submissions of the highest possible quality and one hundred percent by our standards will be approved.

1. Unique Content

Your site’s material needs to stand out from the rest. The article ought to discuss something that is not available on the hundreds of other SEO blogs, or at the very least, it ought to take a look at the same topic from a different point of view. This is not only significant regarding “duplicate content,” the significance of which ought to be self-evident to anyone reading this.

2. Added Value

Our audience adores information that is presented in a logical order, is informative, and can be acted upon. Utilize real-world examples, case studies, carefully researched statistics, charts, and visuals whenever it is possible to do so. This is the key factor that differentiates a post of high quality from submission of a “random pile of words,” the sole purpose of which is to obtain a backlink as quickly as possible.

3. The Most Efficient Use Of Available Resources

Make sure that the content you create is constructed around the focus keyword that exemplifies the topic the best. Perform some fundamental research on keywords, then optimize the post by the findings of the research, making sure to use appropriate titles. The overall perception of how authoritative the connection to your website is will ultimately be determined, in the long run, by the quality of the post that is linked to it.

4. Links

Make sure that any assertions you make are supported by linking to relevant and helpful resources that are in some way associated with those assertions. Include at least one link to another page within your website, preferably to one of the posts on your blog if at all possible.

5. Images

Once we have decided to publish your post, we will create a featured image for it ourselves. Because of this, you do not need to create an image for it yourself. On the other hand, the importance of including relevant pictures within the text, such as screenshots, illustrations, graphs, and so on, cannot be emphasized enough in our opinion. Please refrain from using photographs that have already been taken.

If you do not have the resources necessary to develop content that is visually appealing and you let us know, we will be happy to assist you in developing such content.

6. The Amount Of Space Occupied By The Article

Even though the quality of the content is more important to us than the length, the post should be at least 600 words long as a general rule.

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