The best parts of Truman Annex Key West

The best parts of Truman Annex Key West

After your first visit, or maybe a few, you will undoubtedly discover your favorite sites on the island. Favorite location to stay, favorite happy hour spot, favorite spot to view the sunset, favorite place to stroll we have one as well. Truman Annex in Key West is one of their favorites. It really has everything.

A comprehensive guide to the Truman Annex in Key West

Key West, the last link in the series of islands that comprise the Florida Keys, is located just north of the Caribbean Sea and represents the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. On this island, where the deep blue colors of the Atlantic swirl and blend with the phosphorescent turquoise seas of the gulf and Caribbean, you’ll discover a tiny gated neighborhood with townhouses, lovely condominiums and president harry s. Truman’s old winter villa.

Truman’s small white house

The Truman annex was named after the little white house, which served as president harry s. Truman’s winter residence. From then, President Truman dealt with some of his presidency’s most urgent challenges, such as reconstructing Europe, the Palestine conflict, civil rights, and the cold war.

The situation

Truman annex tucked away on Key West’s west end, maintains the anticipated peaceful ambiance of a gated neighborhood while being just steps away from the island’s greatest attraction.

Getting your vacation rental ready for the increase in traveler confidence

People who have been isolated in their homes for months are now starting to plan ahead for future travel, thanks to the gradual lifting of travel restrictions and the reopening of crossings in certain locations. Despite overcoming many tough months, this renewed travel confidence, particularly among domestic passengers, is encouraging for the vacation rental business.

The application of technology in airports

The use of technology for travel was already on the increase before anybody had heard about covid-19. Cell phones have become every traveler’s greatest friend, from organizing the details of a vacation to checking in at the airport. In the middle of a pandemic, however, the requirement for contactless engagement has become critical.

Travelers are not the only ones who are using technology to reduce the spread of covid-19. Airports and other travel corporations are continuously investing in new ways to combat the virus’s spread. If your visitors are flying, they may encounter the following, according to national geography.

Ultraviolet-c cleaning robots

Pittsburgh international airport has been sanitizing floors and other surfaces with ultraviolet c utilizing cleaning robots. Uv-c is such a strong wavelength that it may destroy the virus’s DNA and RNA in seconds.

These cleaning robots have proven such a success in recent months that the airport intends to include more to disinfect air trains as well.

Vacation rentals in the Truman annex are opulent

In terms of ambiance and décor, the large Truman annex houses for rent uniquely embody the island’s vibe. Each Truman annex island retreat for rent features two to three bedrooms, several of which have excellent harbor views. There is no location quite like Truman’s annex, with the serenity of a gated neighborhood, the exquisite island houses, and key west’s signature attractions just a step away. Book your Truman annex property now, just in time for summer!