How to Earn Money Selling Ringtones on Apple Music

How to Earn Money Selling Ringtones on Apple Music

Did you know that you can earn money by simply selling ringtones on Apple Music? If not, it is high time you grabbed this opportunity to start earning as much as possible from your music. Some common ways of selling music online include uploading it on streaming sites, downloading platforms, or selling them as ringtones. Our focus today is selling ringtones to mobile users and making money out of them. There are various ways of doing so, and one of them is to sell ringtones on iTunes. Another one is selling it on Apple Music, and that’s the precise topic in this piece. Check it out!

Methods of Selling Ringtones on Apple Music

If you want to make money by selling ringtones on Apple music, you can opt for one of these two ways. The first one is directly uploading your ringtones on the music streaming platform. Upon uploading your ringtones, iPhone users will be at liberty to find your music and set it as their ringtone. In return, you get to earn money since the users pay for the service. In most cases, the more the downloads, the more money you get to pocket.

Alternatively, look for a music distributor who will do the work on your behalf. In this case, what you need to do is share your ringtones with the third party. Once you upload, your music will be available to mobile users searching for ringtones. The third-party uploads it on various music streaming and downloading platforms, and one of them is Apple Music. Once again, each download earns you money, and it goes without saying that the more the downloads, the more the money.

Who can sell ringtones on Apple Music?

As obvious as the question sounds, your answer may be far from the truth. That’s because you don’t need to be an artist to sell music online. If you are an artist, well and good for you. Go ahead and create your music, convert it into a ringtone, and start selling it to mobile users who love it.

However, if you are not a talented musician, all is not lost. As absurd as it sounds, it is possible to sell other artists’ music as your own and make money from it. All that’s needed is editing a particular song into a ringtone. After that, go ahead and distribute it to interested mobile users. However, if this is your approach to earning money selling ringtones on Apple Music, abiding by the law is not an option.

Therefore, you should ensure that you only sell the song if you have the artist’s consent. Remember that no part of any song can be sold by someone else unless the owner has authorized the same. Sometimes, you don’t need to speak to the creator directly to reach the corresponding licensing firm. Otherwise, you might end up violating the copyright law, and the consequences are dire.


Clearly, you have various ways of earning money through music. You can opt to sell ringtones on Apple music directly or indirectly. Once you do and follow all the rules, you can rest assured that you will make money.